Thursday, March 23, 2017


Janet Reid's latest contest...

So, here are Pablo and Henry.
Tell us what they're thinking.


UPDATE:  Janet has listed the finalists, and I made the listNo explanation required of why I love this one, right?  [ HERE and HERE ]

She's added a twistNow, on to the new and diabolical way to torment you!
The prize for this contest is that the winning entry will provide the next prompt word for #100.
And I can hear you all shrieking and saying "oh my god, she IS going to pick Hooptedoodle, I knew it!"
But no. I'm going to let you choose your own adventure torment! From the entries above, pick the word that you think should be Word #4 for Contest #100.
Remember, a good prompt word is generally short, has more than one meaning, is not by definition pornographic or a swear word (although any word can take on those characteristics depending on context!)
Post your suggestions in the comment column. Include the entry writer with the word too, if you would.


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