Sunday, October 23, 2016


Janet Reid's POP CONTEST!

So, what's the story of the pup in the goggles?

25 words or fewer, posted in the comment section!

Yes, there is a prize! It's a great book called Susie's Senior Dogs!

How long do you have to enter?
Well, you should do it now, cause it's going to end later today (Sunday 10/23/16) 

I said I’d wear the goggles on Halloween, but they can lick my butt if they think I’m wearing the rest of that costume.

And the winner is  winners are....  
"The winner is of course frenchsojourn because he worked in a reference to donnaeve's upcoming debut The Education of Dixie Dupree (pubbing Tuesday!)

"Sadly, Hank is off sojourning in France, so I can't mail him the book for his prize.

Thus, Miss Congeniality gets the prize and that's of course Dena Pawling, who worked in a reference to The Duchess of Yowl (who is amused to her toes to find herself anywhere near A Dog.)"