Saturday, May 5, 2018


Janet Reid's  Pitch Me Your Book 5/5/18

Q: I don't understand what the 100-word paragraph is.

A: It's the first paragraph of your query I think. It's intended to give me fodder for understanding the pitch and helping you pick out details that might be more helpful to include in the pitch.

Target audience:  adult

Genre: commercial fiction

Paragraph (100 words or fewer):
Susie’s son told his teacher he didn’t do his homework because his mother had died. Susie’s daughter is a perfectionist who chugs Maalox. Her husband’s indifferent, her mother’s cold, her grandmother’s dying, and her passive-aggressive psychologist Eugene refuses to say her name. She quits Eugene and vows to never return. When Eugene ends up in traction from a seven-story fall, while counseling a suicidal patient, Susie goes to see him. He’s helpless and depressed. His wife had left him and he has no visitors. Susie takes pity on Eugene and visits him daily, and that’s when the real healing begins.  (100 wds.)

Pitch (30 words or fewer): 
When my psychologist told me, “Susie is a cutesy name… for your mature years,” I vowed I’d never return. Then he ended up alone in life and in the hospital.  (30 wds.)


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