Saturday, May 6, 2017


No, it's not the #100 Janet Reid contest, but it is a CAPTION CONTEST!

Enter your caption for this photo in the comments section below.
Of course there's a prize!
Figure the contest will close around 7pm New York time.

Speaking of the Canon… Yeah, I lifted my leg on it. I’m a dog. What would you have done? In my defense, She said no before but now said yes “in a Twitter pitch fest.” So I asked her, “Where’s this twitter thing? I can pee anywhere.”  I don’t think she heard me because she said, “When your life goes off the rails, try Twitter pitching. C’mon, let’s go home. I’ve got Some housekeeping to do. Plus, it’s time for a Caption contest!

Sometimes there’s no talking with humans. I should be more like Pablo and Henry and play dumb. 

Explanation: The lines in bold print are recent titles of posts on Janet Reid's blog. Pablo and Henry are cats.


UPDATE: And the winner is Mallory Love, but I did get a mention: "a Forti-esque tour de force...!"


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